Best Cb Antenna for Truckers – Buying Guide 2019


CB radios reached their popularity in the 1970s, but they remain an important pillar of mutual communication between truck drivers, fans and first responders worldwide. CB radios, however, have a relatively limited range, usually around 16 km. This is because they are limited to only four watts. To increase the range of a CB radio, you need a CB modification antenna. With a powerful CB antenna for Truckers. you can significantly increase the effective range of your radio and communicate at a greater distance.

What type of CB antenna do you need?

There are a number of different antennas you can buy for your CB radio, each with its own pros and cons. Here is a breakdown: 

Fiberglass Antennas: These are built with a fiberglass rod and are very durable and therefore ideal for off-road use. The range depends on where you mount it and what conditions you are exposed to. Average range: two to seven miles.

Magnet Mount Antennas: These antennas are attached to your vehicle with a magnetic base. The installation is very simple, with the disadvantage that you have to mount it quite high. This can cause problems while driving. Average range: three to seven miles.

102" Whip Antennas: If you are looking for a high range, a whip antenna can give you what you need. They are some of the most powerful CB radio antennas you can buy, but they are also extremely long, which can be impractical. Average range: about 16 km (sometimes more).

Trucker Antennas: They are generally known as "central load antennas." They are commonly known as trucker antennas since they are generally used for semi-trailers. The lower third is a stainless steel shaft on which the coil sits. The upper part of the antenna is a steel whip. Average range: seven to 10 miles.

No-Ground Plane (NGP) Antennas: Do you need to install a CB radio antenna in a boat or RV (or in a vehicle without a metal chassis)? A Groundless Plane Antenna (NGP) is just what you are looking for. There are two unfortunate inconveniences: They are expensive and have a short effective range.

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