But Can I Go Fishing? Fishing Kits For Backpacking


Water Wherever I go when I go for a walk or a tent, I like being in the water. Lakes, rivers, and streams. If possible, I would like to go fishing. But last, I want to carry a big gear and a pole while hiking. Tacklebox is too heavy and the pole would get caught in every bush and tree between the car and the warehouse.

So how can you carry your fishing gear with you in your backpack or walk without losing weight and space in your backpack? Just hold it.

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Well, how easy is it for you. Let's start with the Poles. There are some possibilities here. There are telescopic poles that work as an antenna. Each part of the post glides to the next until it is about one and a half feet long. Although this is convenient, I have found that this type of rod does not have the sensitivity I prefer when fishing.

Another option is a different type of folding bar. This type of post is broken into pieces about one foot long. All these components are aligned with an elastic cord. Very similar to a modern store post. These decompose well and still maintain the sensitivity of a standard publication.

If you are into the old school and want to be very compact, you can use a traditional Inuit fishing method, by wrapping a fishing line around a piece of wood and using it like a tramp fishing method. As often as I tried, I can not find the traditional name of this type of fishing tackle. Now that you have some pole options, let's talk about the tackle. I will not tell you what equipment to take. I know it better. It all depends on where you go, what you fish for and many other variables. But how do you carry your rig with you? Simplify!

Do not try to take everything with you. Select Sure a good selection, but don't bring everything. You will never use anything anyway. There are a variety of small gearboxes that fit well in a small bag or take up very little space in your backpack. You could also improvise very easily. An Altoids can work well, and some have even used an old 35mm film canister.

Now you have a pole and something to carry your rig. Which rigging do you bring with you? Personally, I like to bring 2 or 3 baits. Spinner and spoon, maybe one or two templates. It's great to have some hooks and a bubble, but do not try to pack the bait. You will not be satisfied with the smell in your pack. Collect the bait where you want to fish. Explore the area where you go fishing and look for native insects, worms and worms.

I love fishing. I find it relaxing and very pleasant and sometimes it is also delicious. Do not let the difficulties of traveling with the equipment prevent you from enjoying this great hobby. With a little research and practice, fishing can become an integral part of your backpacking routine.

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